Fil Xiaobai

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 Fil Xiaobai is probably best known to those of us who intently follow street style blogs for her constantly changing hair color and rapidly evolving sense of style. She is, however, a multilingual connoisseur of fashion. Her close-to-encyclopedic knowledge of current styles has served her in good stead as a stylist, a position she’s held… Read more »

Nabile Quenum

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Nabile Quenum is a photographer whose multinational upbringing has informed his craft on countless levels. He is a mainstay at Paris Fashion Week, where he caught our very own chic publisher Lily Gatins and photographer (and Lereport interview subject) Adam Katz Siding conspiring on the streets of Paris. Whether it is chronicling nearly extinct civilizations in… Read more »

Robert Wun

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Inspired by man’s relationship to the natural world, Robert Wun is a London based designer who endeavors to create complex, yet resolutely sophisticated, garments. He is a man of few words, yet his vision for what an independently minded lover of fashion should wear speaks volumes. Wun’s complex manufacturing methods, weaving decidedly artificial fabrics (neoprene,… Read more »