Terry Castro

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My Day with Terry Castro
Innovator, street vendor, artist, jeweler. 

His jewelry, powerful, beautiful and overwhelming in it’s complexity is the perfect expression the man who designed them.
I couldn’t be happier with the pictures by JoseMiguelImagefolio and the interview with Terry.
His bold, charming voice pours out of every line


Tell me about your heritage, is your last name Spanish?

I am a displaced African in America that is referred to as Blk. My other ancestors are Mexican & Native American. Mex means mix. Mexicans are all mixed. 

How did everything start?  What inspired you to become a Jewelry designer?

Money. I needed money just moved to NYC. So started to work for someone on the street and from there started to make my own collections.

 Terry: Necklaces Castro NY, Shirt vintage,pants-Rick Owens, jacket- inaisce, shoes- marsell, socks-Walter van bierendonck.
Lily: Elfer Castro Sweater custom order www.elfercastro.com, Vintage leather skirt, Maison Martin Margiela cut out high boots,Celine Trapeze bag, Helmut Lang clutch, bracelets and watch Cartier, rings Castro NY www.castronyc.com.

How would you describe your jewelry designs?

My favorite piece?…the fur paws. Due to the fact that they have so many layers of thought process involved in them.

Of all your designs, which is your all time favorite piece?

I describe the pieces as art created from dreams. Exotic luxury goods. The leather collection is, PREHISTORIC VICTORIAN.

What is your favorite precious stone and why?

Pearl. Even though not considered a stone per say. How could you not. They are tears from the moon.

Who is your favorite fashion and/or jewelry designer and why?

Old Margiela.He created what he wanted and also designed for maximum display. Oh,  I love how for him the runway is always about the collection and not the models. 
They are just hangers.
From left: 
Paneterry Ring: Diamonds, blue Saphhire, 14kt, Ying & Yang: Saphires, Rubies, black and white Diamonds, 18kt gold, Zipporah Zattarah: Sterling 18kt, black diamonds, Birds Revange: Sterling & 18kt, Rich:Sterling and canary crystal.


What do you like and dislike about today’s fashion industry?

Everyone is designing for fame not the love. Fashion industry is like the Republican Party. Old and worn out. Racist as hell. Very white. I know this. I see when I go to Paris. Blah.  We have to change it as Potus Obama is changing the free world. Everything designers design is with the Caucasian body in mind. Gotta get the reality of the world.

What projects are you currently working on?  Tell us about them.

Art Basel, new collections and just doing what the fuck I want and not giving a damn.

Special thanks to Terry Castro and Jose Miguel Imagefolio
Jewelry  price upon request at www.castronyc.com