Sasha Marini

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Sasha Marini is a chameleon. Whether channeling a gypsy, or a priest with a secret life, Marini brings his dark

mysterious features and smoldering good looks to every photo shoot. He is a model with an education in law and

the soul of an aesthete. He tells Le report about his adventures in modeling, his inspirations, and how he is

attempting to revolutionize the idea of the edgy masculine gentleman one photograph at a time. 




Tell us about your youth. Where were you born/raised? How did you get started in modeling?

I was born in San Benedetto del Tronto, a beautiful city in central Italy on the Adriatic Sea. I was an only child,

and very attached to my family. They ingrained in me a strong sense of education based on dignity, respect for

others and work. Fashion in general did not interest me when I was a child and, to be honest, nobody in my

family has worked in the arts or the fashion business. I started modeling to earn extra money when I was

studying Law at university. In a short time, I realized that fashion was more than a passion for me; so I decided

to invest my energy in traveling the world to acquire an international experience, which would allow me to be

competitive in the fashion industry.



What was your first modeling job?

 My first one was an editorial for Posh Magazine that I shot when I was 20 years old.

It was an exciting job in Milan. It gave me the opportunity to experience a professional

photo shoot and to collaborate with a very talented team.


 What Photographers do you admire?

 My favorite photographer is Steven Meisel.

 I love his point of view when it comes to fashion photography. I also think that he has the capability to

constantly shoot unique pictures that are absolutely timeless.



What models would you most like to work with?

The only character I really would like to work with is Tony Ward.

 In my opinion, he has a very strong personality and great editorial attitude that continues to deeply inspire my work.




 Which designers do you love? What is your current fashion obsession?


I love Tom Rebl: he was the first designer who believed in my skills and as a testament

to that he booked me for many of his collections.

 His style is the expression of my personality: strongly masculine, a little rough but with a “gentleman’s soul”.

 I have no fashion obsession: I like to translate fashion into my own

personal style, without allowing myself to be influenced by the trend of a season.

 I’m a man who is attentive to details, which continue to make the difference and create an amazing look.




 Which is your favorite fashion week?

 Without a doubt: Paris Fashion Week.


 Why do you love Italy?

I love our sense of humor, passionate nature, and, of course, Italian Men’s fashion that, in my opinion, is

returning to the concept of a very natural man of refined style, with clean lines and without excesses. It is a

return to simplicity as an expression of real elegance.




 What is your favorite city in the world and why?

Berlin and New York. They have such a creative energy and modern attitude that I feel totally suitable for my personality.


 Can you tell us about any of your future projects? 

I think my future lies in film. I have a natural aptitude for acting, which I always carry into each shoot for the

best interpretation of the character that is requested of me on set. 

I recently shot a very touching fashion film called “NOTHING MORE THAN WHISPERS”.

( It has been selected for the official competition at ASVOFF (A Shaded View on

Fashion Film) 6th edition in Paris. 

It was an extremely interesting experience that allowed me to grow professionally and take on a very high level

production. It required a considerable preparation.

 I like to develop projects that have the goal of portraying a new forward-looking type of man as. Someone who is

not subject to fashion as in a “fashion victim”; but someone with an innovative style. 

I will continue to invest myself with determination to achieve my goals.



 When are you most relaxed? 

In reality, I have very little free time. When I’m not working, I like to occupy myself

with what recharges me with new energy, such as meeting with my friends, going to the gym, reading

books and listening to my favorite music like Massive Attack, Portishead, Ryuichi Sakamoto and Astor Piazzolla.

As an Italian man, I love to cook very much: I’m able to prepare some excellent spaghetti

with cherry tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil and fresh basil, accompanied by a good glass of Chianti.


Thank you Sasha you are one of the most amazing people I ever met.


This photo shoot was done exclusivly for Le report.


 Sasha Marini



Alessandro Lanciotti


Fashion editor:

Ariel Ramirez


Total look: Tom Rebl 

Jewels: Ugo Cacciatori 

Location: La Pinciara


special thanks: Pietro Infriccioli