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Inspired by man’s relationship to the natural world, Robert Wun is a London based

designer who endeavors to create complex, yet resolutely sophisticated, garments. He is

a man of few words, yet his vision for what an independently minded lover of fashion

should wear speaks volumes. Wun’s complex manufacturing methods, weaving decidedly

artificial fabrics (neoprene, organza, Lycra, foam) into a tale of natural forms that

bespeak the ravishing complexity and beauty of nature—yet belie its symmetry—is

astounding. One can see in his clothes the conversation he has been having with nature

since he was a child, and that conversation seems to be getting deeper. With great attention

to detail and to the traditional values of his craft, it is not hyperbole

to say that the future is safe in the hands of Robert Wun.





When did you start designing? What and who inspired you growing up?

Is anyone in your family in the arts or fashion industry? Tell us about Asia.


     Nature has always inspires me. I started drawing animals and sea creatures when I was very young.

didn’t get involved in fashion until about age 11. That is when I discovered that fashion

was the best method for me to bring to life what was in my imagination.

To construct 3 dimensional realities, based on the human body, to fuse craftsmanship art.

     Since then I never looked back. I knew that was the path.  

No one in my family is in the art and design industry.

     Asia will always be where my roots are. It has been an ecstatic experience

to be stocked in Joyce last season and to be

featured and noticed on so many international platforms.





     • Do you have any favorite designers? Have they influenced your style or design aesthetic?







      Who is your fashion icon?


     Tilda Swinton





Who is on your Best Dressed List, and why?





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     What is your worst habit?








      What place in the world feels right to you?









      What do you think is London’s hidden treasure? 


            What are the three things that you cannot live with out?








      What is your routine before creating a collection?


     Basically you don’t notice or care about the sun rising or setting. I wouldn’t call that a routine!






Can you tell us about any future projects that you have in the works?     



      What in your life provides you with love, fun and passion?


     My job.??????????


 Robert Wun




UK – (+44) 07789957083
HK – (00852) 92602714




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