Micol Ragni

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Micol Ragni—whose deep voice and bee-stung lips lend her the aura of a sultry musician—is an Italian born British educated fashion designer. To hear her tell it a near-idyllic childhood afforded her the space for artistic experimentation that led her to leaving her native Italy for the UK to study fashion at 19.
A perusal of her eponymous luxury womenswear collection, which was launched in 2014, leads you down a rabbit hole of inspirations ranging from David Lynch films (her affinity for Lynch is palpable) to architecture to the latest advancements in Computer Generated Imaging. Her work, with its exploration of silhouette and volume and fabrication, pushes the boundaries and blurs the lines between sculpture and fashion. Her aesthetic however grounded in the geometry of the body is not beholden to it, and exhibits the mastery of her craft as well as the soul of an enchanted mathematician. Hers is a singular vision, and we love it.

Micol Ragni

Tell us about your childhood. Where did you grow up?
I grew up in small town in the middle of Italy and lived there until I moved to the UK to study fashion design at 19. My childhood was pretty cool. My father is an artist and musician and I had access to his workshop and recording studio 24/7, so I spent most of my days playing piano, singing, drawing, painting, building things, being creative in every possible way. It was a fundamental time for me to explore my creativity in many different areas before I decided to focus on fashion at around the age of 14.

What was your first encounter with fashion?
In Italy the presence of fashion is quite strong. There are amazing boutiques selling luxury designers in every single town; so it’s part of our culture to be really interested in style, elegance, in having an individual aesthetic. I wouldn’t be able to define ‘a first encounter’ with fashion; but I can tell you the first time I really realized what high fashion is: at 15 when I went to see a Yohji Yamamoto retrospective exhibition at Palazzo Pitti in Florence. I was blown away by the beauty he created through fabrics. It was really a turning point for me in understanding the power of fashion.

What turns you on creatively, spiritually or emotionally?
I like depth. I like things that have many layers that you can get lost in; whether they are people, cities, books, parties…

What food do you crave?
I don’t have cravings. And I like variety so if I crave something it will always be something different.

What films have impacted your life?
Everything by David Lynch.

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Paris Fashion Week

Who is your favorite artist?
At the moment, I am into Jon Rafman.

Who is your favorite designer? Is there a particular collection that you love?
Hard to pick only one collection, but I would say Fall 2000 Junya Watanabe.

Tell us about your brand and its signature.
I focus on the research of complex structures and volumes.

Can you describe for us a dream garment and its muse?
A giant dress made of 19 different colors and fabrics, very intricate, made of a lot of tiny panels worn by Bjork.

What is the coolest place in your London?
Fashion-wise… it would probably be the new Dover Street Market which just opened.

Describe your wildest night.
There are just too many to choose one!

What do you consider your signature scent?
Nordic Cedar by Maya Njie.

What turns you off on a first date?

Would you describe for us your brand’s signature look?
I would say the long tunic with intricate geometric draping on the front.

What does the future hold for you?
Whatever has not yet been done.

Micol Ragni

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