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Mauricio and Roger Padilha are brothers—and fashion industry veterans—who have built

a public relations firm that rivals any other on the planet. MAO Public Relations has

endeavored not only to introduce new talent to the fashion industry but also to produce

runway shows for established fashion houses.  Theirs is a soup to nuts operation,

supplying designers with everything they could possibly need when putting on a show;

from casting models, make-up and hair, to lighting, sound, and press.  Their main goal,

the brothers Padilha admit, is “to further the careers of their clients through promotion,

publicity and image management by approaching each collection as if it were their own.”



Was there much fashion in your lives growing up? 

Mauricio: Absolutely Not! Maybe that is why we got into it. Growing up on Long Island in

the 1980s was as far from glamour as you could get; so Roger and I really spent our

childhoods searching it out through fashion magazines and movies.




 What was your worst fashion moment? 

Roger: Mauricio and I have been very consistent with our looks–we were doing the

“Rick Owens Fashion Goth” look back in high school in the 80s so I can’t say that we have

ever veered from our uniforms. There might have been a moment a few years ago when

we were both wearing too much jewelry but nothing too embarrassing so far!


Who would you say are your fashion icons?

Mauricio: Jane Forth, Donna Jordan, Elsa Peretti, Teri Toye, Madonna, Steven Meisel,

Betty Catroux. 




What designers have taken over your closet?

Roger: Ann Demeulemeester, Rick Owens, Kris Van Asche, and American Apperal.



What is your Fashion Week routine?

Roger: Fashion Week for us is grueling–we are either at the office preparing for a show

we are producing or on site at the shows. We get very little sleep and are super stressed

but we also thrive on the adrenaline rush it gives us.


 Which do you prefer: Party, or dinner and a movie?

Roger: I prefer a dinner party and movie night at home with my boyfriend and friends

while Mauricio would go out every night of the week if he could!


1208895_10201117206066700_1589851976_n Mauricio and Roger Padilha , New York Fashion week ss14

Photograph by: Dustin Pittman


You both wrote one of our favorite fashion monographs; The Stephen Sprouse Book is simply amazing. Are there any other books that we can expect in the near future?


Mauricio: Thank you! We followed up The Stephen Sprouse Book with Antonio:

Fashion, Art, Sex, & Disco, which came out last September. Currently we are working on

two books for Rizzoli. We can’t say what they are about; but we can tell you that you will

become obsessed with them!


 What was your most unforgettable moment?


Mauricio: So many! Our SS (Stephen Sprouse) book launch was magical—we were too

young to really go to Area or the Mudd Club in the 80s when they were around so we

pretty much assembled all those people and made our Sprouse book launch a real 80s

party—the party we always wanted to be at that was gone by the time we came of age.


When are you guys at your happiest?

Roger: I think this anniversary gives us both a great deal of satisfaction. To think of all

the rough times and all the people who said we couldn’t do it; and now it’s fifteen years

later and we are still standing. That is happiness to us.




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