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Julien Boudet is a French born, fashion photographer who works primarily in New York City. After graduating

with a degree in business from a prestigious French University, Julien found himself drawn

to the same art that attracted his late father decades earlier. He is well versed in the worlds of art, design

and photography, as well as business and what one might call the “well-turned look”. His photography is a mixture of

candid shots and what we here at Le report have termed the Fashion Nature shot: the fashion animal

caught in her own environment. We met during New York Fashion Week Fall 2013,

when I was the subject of his “decisive fashion moment” photographs



FocuSur.fr’s photo by Celine Sarr



Julien Boudet & Lily Gatins photograph by Nabile Quenum


You were born and raised in the South of France and your

father, a photographer, passed away when you were very young.  What made you decide

to begin taking photographs yourself? 


My father was a passionate amateur photographer but taking pictures was not his main activity. My house has

always been filled with 35mm film cameras, medium format cameras, negatives and prints. His dream was to

turn one of the rooms into his own darkroom, but he passed away before he could achieve that.

As for myself, I started snapping pictures pretty late, I believe right before I graduated from college in France,

after having tried a lot of different things in my life. I feel like I did not consciously choose photography, it came

to me naturally: so I would say that my journey through life, my destiny, has led me 



Lily Gatins photograph by Julien Boudet, New York City
Leather neck piece, Area Barbara Bologna
One piece jumpsuit, Yohji Yamamoto


How did your style of photography develop?

Well, New York definitely helped me develop my creativity, and after having spent my first year in this fabulous

city I gradually began being much more open-minded than I had ever been in my life. Overall, these significant

changes influenced my photography skills, as I started paying more attention to details while acquiring more

taste and delicacy in my way of seeing and appreciating things. In other words, I began shooting more

professionally since I moved to New York, and to be honest, I had never really shot anything ‘serious’ back in France.



_JB09300 copy 


Who are your favorite photographers/artists/designers?Which photographers have most influenced your work?

Tell me more about your expanding of the Cartier-Bresson“decisive moment”

into the Boudet “decisive fashion moment”. 


I would say that my favorite artists are JR (French artist) and Ai Weiwei, mainly because they are activists and I

truly admire their fight. Also, Le Corbusier is one of my greatest sources of inspiration (I actually just finished

reading his book on New York City Quand les cathérales étaient blanches).

In fashion, my favorite designers are Rei Kawakubo, Hedi Slimane, Rick Owens, Yohji Yamamoto and Damir Doma.

Martin Munkasci is one my biggest influences in candid-style fashion photography. His Puddle Jumper piece

that was published in Harper’s Bazaar in the 1930s represents the perfect candid shot to me. Also, I’m a huge

fan of Henri Cartier-Bresson and all the work he did in Paris in particular.





Lily Gatins By Julien Boudet NYFW FW 13


I found his concept of ‘decisive moment’ the most fascinating thing I’ve learned in photography so far.This is the reason

why I came up with the ‘decisive fashion moment,’ which is the central theme of my blog, bleumode.com. It simply consists of

applying the concept of decisive moment into the world of fashion. When I’m shooting during fashion weeks,

I try my best to capture these very brief fashion moments that last no more than a second in order to share them

with my audience. As for editorial/studio work, the photographers that inspire me the most are Horst, Richard

Avedon, Nick Knight, Tim Walker, and Mert & Mar 

DSC_4672-1 lily_gatins_pfw


We met when you took my photograph during NYFW Fall 2013.  You see so many people with such

varied personal styles…. What do you look for when deciding to photograph someone?


 I look for something unique; I only photograph people that I find inspiring, creative, or simply well dressed in my opinion.

Also, the style of the subject I want to photograph has to fit in the environment we are working in. For instance,

I wouldn’t be able to create a great image if the subject I found does not fit into the background.



Julien Boudet photograph by Wataru Bob Shimosato


What Fashion Weeks are you currently covering? Which one is your favorite? Why? 


I’m currently covering New York and Paris Fashion Weeks, but I should be going to Milan and other cities soon

if everything goes well. The one I prefer is the French one, not because it is my country but because of the

fabulous people who attend it and more importantly because of the architecture. I’m in love with Paris’ old,

authentic buildings. Taking photos there is so much more interesting than shooting in New York, at Lincoln

Center for instance.






Lily Gatins Paris FW SS14 by Julien Boudet 

When are you happiest?

I am happiest when I’m around the people I love the most, and they know who they are .



Julien Boudet  

 Website: http://www.bleumode.com/

Intagram: @bleumode




Julien Boudet and Wataru Bob Shimosato 


Fashion editor

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