Gautier Pellegrin

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Gautier Pellegrin is a French born photographer, who was raised almost entirely in Asia.

At 23, while working in the music industry he met his future wife on MySpace and moved

to New York City from Paris. Together, they started a short-lived—but well-received—

fashion label called Outlaws of the Border. In 2010, at the age of 27, he again took a risk

and moved to Milan and enrolled in a 6-month studio photography course.



Gautier Pellegrin


He apprenticed with a local Japanese photographer and became the house photographer

for a local modeling agency. He has embarked on a career as a freelance photographer and

though he will admit that his photography is not completely on par with his tastes yet we

at Lereport find that hard to believe. Someone who is so adept at taking calculated risks 

and turning them to his favor should not have such a difficult time taking the necessary

risks to make beautiful art. One look at his work tells you all that you need to know

about this young talent. His photographs run the gamut from classic portraits to edgy

fashion editorial work to sumptuous nudes. He is, without question, an artist to watch.


Pol Gerez, Kaltblut Magazine


After living in France, the US. Asia and Italy,with which culture do you most identify? 


My cultural background is a mix of American-French-English. I feel like a stranger in

Italy, though I appreciate that. I love the feeling of being a stranger in Asia. In a way, it

feels like home. Wherever I am, I end up navigating towards Chinatown, it’s very

comfortable and has a familiar feeling to me, being alone surrounded by Chinese people.




London calling -Fucking Young Magazine 


What are some of your favorites places from your journeys?


South Africa is the killerest/weirdest/most interesting.  

New York and Paris are home. Berlin is the coolest.

Milan has been good for work and is starting to feel homey because of the great people

I’ve met there. I love London but I always get some sort of major problem every time I’m

there. I would love to head back out to Hong Kong this year.


0x550 0x550-8


 Barbara bologna’s FW 13-14 collection & last two photographs SS 14 collection 

Model/artist Esther Mathis


 What food do you crave?

I’m not a big foodie. I go for Chinese or Japanese a lot on my own. I’m also really digging

all the vegan shit you can find in NYC but there is none of that in Milan.

Also, I miss Mexican food!


 Which photographers have had the most influence on you? 


Hiroshi Sugimoto is way up there, as are many German Dusseldorf School

photographers. I love art photography; it has a depth of thought that fashion

photography can’t ever get close to. But then I also admire some fashion photographers,

Peter Lindberg‘s work, Willy Vanderperre, Jeff Bark.

Deborah Turbeville is a genius and a constant influence. I think I would

put her as the number one influence actually. She has this way of creating the most

compelling worlds. I always want to live in them. Then Sarah Moon, Paolo Roversi,

even some of Steven Meisel‘s work, Some Mert and Marcus, I don’t

know I’m constantly looking out for work and finding amazing work everywhere. Italy

also has many fantastic photographers. Emilio Tini is the classiest dude of them all.

Many totally unknown people making one shot wonders… Tumblr! Tumblr is amazing.

There is this kid called Neon Tambourine and then hundreds of others.


Gautier Pellegrin


 If you could take anyone’s portrait who would it be? 

I would love to shoot, to stay in fashion, Aymeline Valade. That face just really does

something to me. I’ve always been attracted, artistically, to androgyny.

She is the best face I could think of shooting. 


Which is your favorite Fashion Week?

 London and Paris are the most exciting, for sure.



 REVS magazine ( Finland ) ,Styling Patrizia d’elia, Make up Rory Rice

Model is svetlana at MP management Milano 


What is your fashion obsession?

 Damir Doma since day 1, he came on the scene around 2008-9?

I remember getting so excited when I first saw his shows. They were so new and fresh and

it just got more and more beautiful as you looked at it. Right now I’m really into toned

down designers being discreet and classy. For example, Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair is great.

I mean, I need to actually wear this stuff. And my job requires manual labor; I’m the floor

a lot so I need to be realistic about it.



DREW magazine ( ITALIA ) 

styling sofia Hernandez Bombaci, make up by Rory Rice , H.M. Battaglia agency 


 What is the craziest thing that you have ever done? 

I moved to New York for a total stranger that 

I met on the Internet and I married her at 24. Then I moved to Milan

at 27 and completely started my life over and became a photographer.

That was pretty nuts.


 Can you tell us about any future projects that you have in the works? 

Photography is never ending. I have so many projects. Right now, I’m taking two weeks on

my own in France in my family’s house in the countryside to take a step back and plan the

coming work year. Things have been extremely busy and I am grateful; but

I want to keep aiming higher.



Gautier Pellegrin


 When are you happiest?

I love those crazy days that start at 5 am and end at 5 am the next day, when you have

accomplished five-lives’-worth during them. It’s like a life overdose. 

I also just love the good simple stuff. Food doesn’t drive me but finding good new music

and having a nice long run listening to some good new music

(mainly dark moody electronic stuff) will really make my day.


Gautier Pellegrin


Fashion editor

Ariel Ramirez