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Gaspard Hex is an alchemist. As a musician and, indeed, as a creator of fundamentally transformative jewelry, Hex melds, coaxes, sublimates meaning, metal, and stone into statement pieces not seen elsewhere.

Lily Gatins spent time with Hex and attended the presentation of his collection. After meeting briefly in Paris their paths crossed once again in Tokyo during Spring/Summer 2015

where Gaspar and Lily hit the streets of Shibuya and Aoyama together for an impromptu shopping spree.

Hex’s jewelry, mostly sterling silver, oxidized bronze, or gold, adorned with opals and diamonds, caught Gatins’ eye. The way that he fuses raw metalwith precious stones is inspired.

One can easily see his interest in the magical powers of talismanic pieces.





You were born in Sao Paolo. When did you move to Paris?

I moved to Paris when I was 2 (my parents were French). I went back to Brazil frequently as a child.

One particular visit to Amazonia left a deep impression on me.

I remember the sunset on the Amazon, the walks through the rainforest, encountering a local tribe.


As a musician, whom do you admire?

I don’t have a favorite genre even though I listen to a lot of dark techno like the guys from Downwards or Hypnus Records. I have always liked music that is forward-thinking and unique, this includes Purcell,

Satie, King Crimson, Thee Mars Volta, and some Harsh Noise bands. Oh, and a lot of traditional music, African, Japanese, Mayan.When it comes to live performances, I enjoy those that include improvisation, because of all the many new possible ways to hear music today; a live performance has to be different than what you can listen to at home.





What do you listen to when you are working on your pieces?

When I work, I like to listen to trance-inductive techno, like Voices from the Lake (who I saw last week in Paris and that delivered one of the most amazing live sets I’ve ever seen), or Oake.

It brings me to a state where everything I do becomes clearer and connects together.

What is your favorite stone?

I love opal. I’ve always felt there was something magical in that stone, as it contains many different colors. It’s like the caudal pavonis (the peacock’s tail) in alchemy, which symbolizes the moment

where all colors and potentialities are contained in one object.


Gaspard Hex AW15 Eleusis 8 Photo Baptiste Malbéqui

Why jewelry?

The day that I created my first piece of jewelry an ocean of possibilities was opened to me.

What I like about jewelry is that it is an intimate object, worn on

the body, that one keeps his entire life.

Jewelry has a long, rich history that usually takes one of two forms: Jewelry as an

object of power, showing its wearer’s wealth and influence; or jewelry as an object containing

the secrets of the universe, carrying a message hidden inside its forms.

In many ancient cultures jewelry contained secret messages or had a healing function.

This idea of jewelry as a talisman or amulet is what most inspires me.




GaspardHEX-studio1 Gaspard Hex AW15 Eleusis 9 Photo Baptiste Malbéqui


What fashion designers are you drawn to?

Gareth Pugh, Tatsuro Horikawa (Julius), Iris Van Herpen, the

whole universe Rick Owens and Michele Lamy have created around them.


What are your favorite places in Paris?

I think my favorite place in Paris is the Buttes-Chaumont Park in the 19th arrondissement. It has a more natural atmosphere than most of Paris’ parks, I like the view on the suburbs, and it’s a really nice place to rest from the madness of the center.

 Oh and I want to add the Louvre Pyramid at night even if it’s so touristy. It is built on the same ratio as the Great Pyramid of Giza. Maybe that’s why it drives me crazy every time I pass in front of it.

GaspardHEX-studio5 Gaspard Hex AW15 Eleusis 4 Photo Baptiste Malbéqui



What films do you like?

The first thing that comes to my mind is the music in all of David Lynch’s movies, especially

the ones composed by Angelo Badalamenti. I used to listen a lot

to the Lost Highway and Mulholland Drive soundtracks.

Lynch’s movies are total audiovisual experiences—what cinema should be in the

first place—an image correlated to a sound that together create an emotion.



Gaspard Hex AW15 Eleusis 2 Photo Baptiste Malbéqui unnamedunnamed-1

What designers do you think deserve more attention?

I particularly like designers combining notions of craftsmanship

and nature, mixing past with future.

In no particular order Rombaut, Minoar, Maxime Llorens, Kofta,

Cedric Jacquemyn, Inaisce, Leon Emmanuel Blanck, Sandrine Philippe, Leon Louis,

Zam Barrett, Lumen et Umbra. I can’t name them all here, but you should check out their work.



Gaspard Hex AW15 Eleusis 6 Photo Baptiste Malbéqui


When are you completely happy and free?

When I am myself, obviously. Trying to understand who you

are and becoming that person should be everyone’s goal in life; that is much more fulfilling than

money or power.And I wish I could spend less time in the city and more time in Nature.

Gaspard Hex AW15 Eleusis 3 Photo Baptiste Malbéqui
Screen Shot 2015-07-12 at 12.11.37 PM

Lily Gatins wearing Gaspar Hex jewelry during Tokyo fashion Week FW 15

Who is the love of your life?

Hahaha. I am completely in love, but I like to separate my work from my private life.

So better not speak about it here.Oh and the laws of the universe.


Gaspard Hex




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