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 Fil Xiaobai is probably best known to those of us who intently follow street style blogs for her

constantly changing hair color

and rapidly evolving sense of style. She is, however, a multilingual connoisseur of fashion. Her close-to-encyclopedic

knowledge of current styles has served her in good stead as a stylist, a position she’s held since winning a ‘street snap’

competition and attending Paris Fashion Week in 2012. She plans to open a boutique in Taipei; but for all of us who have come

to love her and her ever-changing appearance, let’s hope she continues to be the ethereal muse that she’s become.



  • Tell us a little bit about your life: Where you were born? Where did you go to school? When did you first get interested in fashion?

My real name is Yansishi. I am 23 years old I was born in Chengdu, Sichuan province. Growing up there I studied in a Language University and majored in English translation and interpretation.

Last year, when I graduated from college, I moved to Beijing and signed with Top Fashion as their stylist after I won their 2011 ‘street snap’ competition. The prize was a chance to attend the Autumn/Winter Paris Fashion Week 2012. That experience is really what started my career in fashion.

I love fashion! I started a daily ‘street snap’ blog in 2009 (when I was still studying in college) on Weibo. Gradually I got a lot of fans and then I noticed the chance to enter the competition.


Who are your favorite designers?

Vivienne Westwood, Alexander Wang, Masha Ma,Qiu Hao and Uma Wang.


 When did you get your first tattoo?

In 2003 when I was 13.


Is there some special reason that you change your hair color so often?

I use it as an inspiration for dressing. Every time I get a new hair color I change my idea about dressing to match the color.

 Why are cats such popular pets?

Haha! First, you don’t have to take a cat out for a walk everyday. Second, cats are independent like human beings. So, you have a friend not just a pet. I love trying to control my cat everyday. She knows how to play me and I really enjoy this. ^_^


What is your favorite drink?

Always apple juice.


 What is your favorite thing to do in Paris?

Shopping, without a doubt!

 Who is your Fashion obsession?

What is most fashionable is to be yourself.


 What are the coolest things about China (restaurants, bars, favorite food, places to shop)?

We can eat super spicy food, especially Chuan cuisine from my hometown. Hahaha!


 What are your plans for the future after your internship at the Travel Channel in Beijing comes to an end?

I plan to go to Taipei and open up a boutique that has an in-house tattoo studio with my girlfriend.

 When are you happiest, most relaxed?

When I am home I feel happy and relaxed. Not Beijing home; but when I go back to Chengdu. It is a peaceful place to live, to enjoy life, to eat, and to spend my life.


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