Efren Garza

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Efren Garza is not only a talented model, but that talent also extends to music. He plays multiple

instruments and is currently finishing up an EP with his band. Le report sat down with this

multi-talented artist to discuss his careers and how one navigates such divergent interests and still

maintains a level head and an inspired heart.




When did you start modeling?

 I began modeling about a year and a half ago, after a friend suggested it. 


 Your first international experience as a model was with the   fashion designer Alexandre Plokhov in Paris? Tell us about it.


 It was one of the best experiences that I’ve had in modeling. Not only was it the first time

that I had the opportunity to visit Europe, but it was a pleasure working with such

extraordinary people like Alexandre and Jojo (sales director at Alexandre Plokhov.) They always

have good energy, and are very helpful and professional. At the time, however, I had the opportunity

to know a very funny side of them. Alexandre is hilarious and in my opinion has very good taste

in music, too. Jojo is a person you can trust. It is a very interesting

work environment. You can see that they really enjoy what they do.




Efren Garza and Lily Gatins


Modeling is your second career. What is your life as a musician like?


From a young age I have had the opportunity to take part in some musical

projects (rock/metal) shaped by childhood friends. In recent months I have been

working a bit more with some friends in Mexico and Guatemala. We are putting together an EP

that will hopefully be finished in the near future. The plan is to

set up some tours in Mexico and later cover most of Central and South America.



On Efren : Jacket, shirt, pants and shoes , Alexandre Plokhov.

Lily Gatins is wearing: Ann Demeulemeester jacket, skirt and boots Rick Owens, bracelets, Dell Plummer.


Who has inspired you? Models/photographers? 

There are two models that I met last year when I got to NYC. They were each my roommates

at different times. One is Panayiotis, whom I admire a lot. I think that even when he has

had a long and successful career in modeling, he will continue to cultivate the great

simplicity and strength of character with which he carries himself.

The other one is Brent Chua, a talented model with a successful career, from whom I have

learned a lot in the last few months. He is a friend who has taken the time to advise and guide

me not only about my modeling career, but also life in general. Some of my favorite

photographers are Peter Lindbergh and

Alasdair McLellan. I also love Jock Sturges’ beautiful portraits.


What are your plans for the future?

For now I intend to continue working in NYC. I have a few modeling-related trips coming up

this year, and I have some projects that are currently in the planning stages.



Lily Gatins wearing: Lucia Cuba top, Rick Owens skirt and boots and vintage gloves.


Where and with whom do you feel happiest?

At the moment, I have had the opportunity to be in Mexico for 2 months, and I feel very happy

 in the company of my closest friends and my family. I really enjoy them a lot. I enjoy

moments like this,surrounded by all of them; but as a person who cannot stay

in one place, I like having seasons in which I find

myself alone, traveling or just in a different place than I’m used to.



 Efren Garza wearing vintage motorcycle jacket, boots, pants, top and gloves, Alexandre Plokhov.

Location: Fairfield, Connecticut.

Special Thanks to Dianne Gatins.


Efren Garza



Styling and Art Direction : Lily Gatins




Photographer: Jose Miguel Compres




Fashion Editor: Ariel Ramirez