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I first encountered BRETHREN, while visiting  SOME/THINGS , a gallery-showroom, in Paris. The BRETHREN designers made a men’s glove with incredible sculpture, shape and texture. As soon as I returned to my apartment

I emailed some friend asking to be put in contact with the brand. Here is their story.





Tell me about you


I was born in 1990 to my British father and Canadian mother in a small village in-between Québec and Montréal city, . Both my parents are visual artists, which gave me a sensibility and interest in art and creativity.

I grew up in the countryside using nature as my playground and I traveled extensively to Europe with  my family, which helped make me an open minded and curious person.

 At an early age, I attended music school, playing piano and singing in choir. Then, I studied languages in high school and business administration at university.

During my studies, I co-founded BRETHREN with my two partners, focusing on art direction and R&D.

My interest in fashion startedmany years ago through music and extreme sports.In those two disciplines, dressing up is often part of the ritual.

That initial interest later developed with a focus on a more precise  niche. Alongside fashion, I am also passionate

 about other forms of art, particularly in the influence different art media have on each other.



I was born in a small town in Quebec, Canada. Beginning in my early teenage years, my interest in street fashion began to emerge from my interest in sports and music. After working in the street fashion industry for 5 years (16 to 21 years old) I developed an increasing interest in fashion’s roots and major influencers.

Sharing this passion with my best pals, Alex and Francis, we all started working on a fashion project named BRETHREN that would eventually redefine the way we see glove making.While working on developing BRETHREN’s vision and identity, I completed my studies in Managerial Accounting and Business Strategies.In the course of these studies, I had the chance to move to Singapore for several months and took the opportunity to travel around Asia and learn about Oriental cultures.

In the last year, we decided to push our project – BRETHREN – further, and I traveled to Europe for two months to participate in the Milan and Paris fashion weeks. I also learned more about fashion in other major European cities, including Berlin, Barcelona, and Antwerp.

I also took the opportunity to complete our latest collections with our glove makers in southern France and to get a better view of the European fashion market by meeting with store owners, jewelers, designers and other fashion enthusiasts.



I was born in Quebec, Canada, where my family was devoted to real estate and insurance businesses. From a young age, I worked with my parents and I discovered the thrill of developing projects.

It was working with my family that I first felt the excitement and satisfaction of launching and managing a successful venture.In addition to my interest in business, I have always been interested in creative projects. For as long as I can remember, art in all its forms would inspire me, which led me to study art in high school.

In my teenage years, I played music with Laurent and started practicing various extreme sports. Through those disciplines, I discovered the expression of style.As this interest was growing in me, I knewI had to do something with it.

Co-founding BRETHREN felt natural, satisfying my love of business administration and creativity.

I also co-founded an import/export company in my hometown, which gave me a lot of experience in negotiation and client relationships as I was mainly collaborating with Asia.


Le report questions


Canada’s jewels?


FRANCIS: Canada’s nature. All the big cities are in the southern part of the country, but there is so much to see up north. Endless forests, beautiful landscapes, and spectacular lakes.

LAURENT: The Canadian Rockies and Montreal’s restaurant scene

ALEX: The space that the nature occupies.


Instruments and musicians?


Francis: Piano – Max Richter

Laurent: Instruments: I started playing drums when I was a kid and it has influenced my taste for music since then.

So, drums, definitely!

Musician: Impossible to choose only one… I can say that I like Olafur Arnalds and Andy Stott for different reasons and moods.

Alex: In casual days I mainly listen to deep house, experimental and hip-hop.

The instrument in itself that I like the most is probably the percussion instruments.

If I had to choose only one musician, I would choose Louis Armstrong.



Artist and Designers?


Frances: I think fashion can sometimes be considered as a work of art more than a disposable luxury. For example, Hussein Chalayan, Carol Christian Poell and Paco Rabanne’s clothes and fashion presentations were very conceptual. Clothes will always stay products, although the way it is presented can be very artistic.


Laurent: Artist: I would surround myself with Allison Schulnik paintings

Designers: Although there are many designers that I love, the clothes I could see myself in every day would be crafted by Boris Bidjan Saberi. Otherwise, I love CCP for his undeniable attention to details, his masterpiece leather jackets and his top of the art tailoring. I also endorse Rick Owens’ vision of style, but I often favor his women’s collections to his men’s. I could dramatically dress a list of 20+ other designers that I love, but I will complete a top 7 with Isaac Sellam, MA+, Julius and Yohji Yamamoto.

If we could bring one of Allison Schulnik’s hobo clowns to life, he would probably be dressed in Yohji’s clothes!

Alex: Aitor Throup and Daniel Firman, from the way they use sculpture: still time and movement, balance or absence of gravity and relationship between objects and body.



An unbelievable film?

Francis: There are so many great movies. I rarely like something specific. I am more into concept and ideas. I find unbelievable the way someone can communicate darker days of history into something aesthetically breathe taking.

Laurent:  Whiplash,12 years a slave and Pulp Fiction

Alex: Jurassic Park (1993)


What city takes your breath away?

Francis: I wish I could create a city with elements I’ve seen in different cities around the world from the smallest bars to extraordinary architecture to singular galleries, etc. What’s most important is the vibe surrounding a city, more than anything else.

Laurent: Without pointing out one particular city, I would definitely say the Philippines! Otherwise, I’d choose Tokyo, even though I haven’t visited this city yet.

Alex: Cappadocia in Turkey.


Fashion Icons?

Francis: The two kinds of fashion I like the most are from Belgium and Japan. So I’d go with Les Six d’Anvers, Yohji Yamamoto, and Rei Kawakubo.

Laurent:   Yohji Yamamoto , Iris Van Herpen and Karl Lagerfeld

Alex: I don’t have a precise fashion icon. But I particularly like the work of Boris Bidjan Saberi, Julius and Thamanyah. If I need color, I love what Dries Van Noten does.




SOME/THINGS collaboration gloves with silver spinal cord. Limited of 8 pairs, where the scars can be put in different places on the gloves to it’s owner;s discretion, within predetermined selection.

Culinary Preference?

Francis: I like simple meals, yet with taste. I work with a few tasty ingredients. I hate it when there is too much flavor. I think my favorite meal is my daily foie gras sandwich.

Laurent: Italian and Spanish

Alex: It’s a tough question to me because I am really “gourmand.” But I could say both: Nouvelle Cuisine and Japanese cuisine. It’s not about the presentation or the small portions but more about the use of fresh quality ingredients using simple techniques to develop surprising flavors. It’s creative while staying simple, tasty and healthy.


A sensual scent?

 Francis: I have the strange habit of smelling things. I am very stimulated by odor, whether it is a book’s pages, new or used leather, objects, etc. I tend to associate the idea of sensuality to a woman, without necessarily having a specific scent in mind.

Laurent: Angéliques sous la pluieJean-Claude Ellena (Frédéric Malle)

Alex: Oriental: Amber, wood (sandalwood) and balsamic notes.



925 sterling silver chains, handcrafted in Montreal and gloves are handmade in France.



Tattoos or piercings (what and where)?

Francis: One tattoo on my inner bicep. It is a symbol that means a lot to me in terms of loyalty, respect and devotion.

Laurent: Fraternity tattoo (3 bars + a crossed one) under my right arm

Alex: I have one tattoo on my wrist that represents a deep brotherhood.


Designers (past or present)that push the envelope?


Francis: Past:

  • Rei Kawakubo
  • Yohji Yamomoto
  • Raf Simons
  • Rick Owens
  • Martin Margiela
  • Ann Demeulemeester
  • Alexander McQueen
  • John Galliano
  • Jean Paul Gaultier
  • Hussein Chalayan


  • Barbara Bologna
  • Iris Van Herpen
  • Yoshiyuki Miyamae at Issey Miyake
  • Rad Hourani


Past: Yohji Yamamoto

Present: Iris Van Herpen

Alex: PAST:

  • Jean-Paul Gauthier
  • Alexander McQueen
  • PRESENT:I like many designers with many different styles. Many of them that contribute to the avant-garde movement, but nothing comes to me when I think of who is pushing the envelope to another level today.



Happiest moments?


Francis: When I let myself go into something new and beautiful.

Laurent: Every time a fusion of senses occurs, like when a music or sound takes control of your moves or when you go out surfing and you make one with a wave.

Alex: When you are with the most important people in your life and that you realize that you wouldn’t like anything but what you are living at the present moment.



Photographed by:
Special Thanks to:
Francis Rudman
Phillip Gatins