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On Kit was born and raised in Hong Kong.  He moved to New York (where he lived for

over a decade) to study Business, Marketing, and Japanese, and continued his education

in Fashion Management at F.I.T. before relocating along with his wife to Beijing last

year.  He is an extremely private person, though he has been a godsend to me as I learn

to navigate my new city.  His boutique, which opened in 2012, is curated with the

discerning eye of an art gallery owner. He promotes independent designers and

craftspeople that create artisanal wares in often-unconventional ways.  On Kit and his

wife represent a new breed of entrepreneur, who are attempting to educate and inspire

their consumer with what they choose to sell.

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Acean & On Kit

What is your involvement with fashion?

After graduating from school, I worked in the fashion industry as a product developer at a fashion-business consulting firm. I then decided to strike out on my own. I launched my first online consignment shop, where I buy and sell second-hand designer products. I have always loved well-constructed garments, footwear and accessories, and during my time in NY, I met various emerging designers and artists. With their support, I decided to bring their work along with me and launched ANCHORET along with my business partner in Beijing, China in 2012.



Lily Gatins wearing: INAISCE  & AOI KOTSUHIROI  Bracelets


What was your inspiration to open a store with such a unique concept? Tell me about the concept and design of the store?

My main inspiration comes from my wife. (She supports me from the concept phase to the final execution of all my projects.) The design of the space is minimal utilizing mainly concrete, distressed metal and wood. We design all the displays and fixtures, and others are old gems that I found from the street and markets.

The concept behind ANCHORET is to create a gallery-like boutique with a strong passion for fostering awareness of creative, independent designers, artists, and craftsmen worldwide and offering well-constructed, top quality, less conventional garments, accessories, objects, and footwear to the virtually untapped market in Beijing. 




Lily Gatins is wearing: INAISCE white coat

How did you decided on Beijing for the location of ANCHORET?

When I visited Beijing for the first time in 2011, I saw that the fashion scene was absent here. People were only exposed to the mass-produced labels, or the big-name luxury brands, conventional department stores. I looked around and saw that the city did not even have one interesting boutique; so I thought it was the right time for me to start ANCHORET here. Moreover, I became emotionally attached and fell in love with the culture and beauty of the old Beijing Hutong. Every piece of architecture here—every brick, in fact—is a piece of history. I decided to situate ANCHORET hidden under this remodeled old Chinese architecture.


anchoret_017Lily Gatins is wearing:

 Long black sheer coat by INAISCE 

Long multi-button coat by MISOMBER NUAN  


Who do you admire in fashion business?

There is not a particular person who I admire in fashion, only my wife.



What are your future plans for ANCHORET?

My current and future plans for ANCHORET are to have more people in China be aware of these artisanal and conceptual brands. I enjoy seeing our local clients buying our selected products simply because of the design, construction, fabrication and quality.



 da jing chang xi xiang, dong cheng qu, beijing, china 

tel: 186 8400 2677



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