Bill Cunningham

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According to the late great Oscar de la Renta Bill Cunningham, whose “On the Street” column appears in the Style section of the New York Times every Sunday, has served as the chief archivist of the visual history of New York City for the past half-century.     As a fashion photographer; but, more importantly,… Read more »

Abby Gong

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Abby Gong is a photographer whose photographs document the lives of her subjects and the ever-changing landscapes in which they find themselves. Her raw, unvarnished work brings to mind Robert Frank and early Nan Goldin. Though she abandoned early dreams of becoming a painter, her compositions  and choice of subject matter point to an artistic impulse… Read more »

Nabile Quenum

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Nabile Quenum is a photographer whose multinational upbringing has informed his craft on countless levels. He is a mainstay at Paris Fashion Week, where he caught our very own chic publisher Lily Gatins and photographer (and Lereport interview subject) Adam Katz Siding conspiring on the streets of Paris. Whether it is chronicling nearly extinct civilizations in… Read more »

Gautier Pellegrin

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Gautier Pellegrin is a French born photographer, who was raised almost entirely in Asia. At 23, while working in the music industry he met his future wife on MySpace and moved to New York City from Paris. Together, they started a short-lived—but well-received— fashion label called Outlaws of the Border. In 2010, at the age… Read more »

Eric White

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  Eric White, born and raised in rural upstate New York to Armenian (mother) /French (father) parents. I grew up thinking I had the “average American experience” when in reality, was more like a prequel to “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”. My family is big, loud, numerous, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world…. Read more »

Julien Boudet

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  Julien Boudet is a French born, fashion photographer who works primarily in New York City. After graduating with a degree in business from a prestigious French University, Julien found himself drawn to the same art that attracted his late father decades earlier. He is well versed in the worlds of art, design and photography, as well… Read more »

Adam Katz Sinding

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Adam Katz Sinding is elegant.  His photographs are elegant.  They bring to mind frozen clips of a fashion documentary.  They tell a story, even if fashion is not your main interest.  An inspirational photo-journalist, Adam demonstrated his passion for life and photography to Le report on a rainy day in New York City. Tell me… Read more »

Mario Villanueva

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Street style photographer Mario Villanueva covers the world’s biggest fashion shows, capturing men and women in their most fabulous and relaxed state.  I had the opportunity to meet him this past Fashion week in New York, and here is Le-report’s take on my dear friend Mario Villanueva   Tell me a little bit about your heritage… Read more »

Wataru Bob Shimosato

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Photographer, blogger and model Wataru Bob Shimosato is defined by his strong look and sweet personality. Please join me as we walk around Charles Street in New York together and talk about career, designers and photography.   Where were you born and old are you? I was born in Azumino-shi, Nagano Japan and am 24… Read more »