Lyle Reimer

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You wouldn’t be wrong if you called Lyle Reimer a make-up artist… technically. He is technically a make-up artist. And, yes, he technically works at MAC Cosmetics’ artistry and development program in Vancouver. However, after a cursory perusal of Reimer’s Instagram account, and after learning that he alone styles each and every portrait (these, ladies… Read more »

Mario Méndez

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        I work as a fashion consultant in Mexico, and have taught at various universities over the past 11 years.       Although I have a lot of work, I find time to work on my drawings. I love creative work. If I could, I would   like to make drawing my only job, and I’m working on it.  I was raised by my grandparents…. Read more »

Alina Zamanova

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Alina Zamanova is a London based illustrative artist. Raised in Ukraine, where drawing had always been a childhood passion and over time Alina’s attraction to the fashion industry lead her to enroll into the fashion illustration program at the London College of Fashion. With an endless thirst for classical and experimental ideas, her inspiration comes… Read more »

Tamara McGregor

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 Tamara McGregor is a renaissance woman of sorts. A trained painter who fell in love with scenography upon a chance encounter with a street performance of a puppet theater troupe, she works in a variety of media. McGregor has designed the visual component of performances that run the gamut from Shakespeare to Lorca to Mishima.  Her works… Read more »

Diane Pernet

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  In a many ways, Le report would not be possible without Diane Pernet; she has long been a wellspring of inspiration. A modern Renaissance woman, Pernet’s taste and intelligence come through everything she does. She has worn many hats throughout her career including that of fashion designer, filmmaker, costume designer, and all around general… Read more »

Isabelle Pascal

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  Wuhao Curated Shop is at the vanguard of the appointment-only shops sprouting up all over Beijing. It is a revolution in retail that has as much to do with selling interesting pieces of art and design as it does with setting the right atmosphere for customers to explore and discover those pieces that are being offered. Isabelle Pascal,… Read more »

Lupe Vasconcelos

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    Mysterious, with a Goth sex appeal, Lupe Vasconcelos’ look is reflected in her illustrations. To hear her tell it, she has an obsessive attention to detail; but when one looks at her work (like the illustration included with this interview) it is impossible to not notice the influence of the Decadent and Aesthetic movements within its… Read more »

Davey Mitchell

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  The legendary Davey Mitchell in many ways needs no introduction. This jack of all trades—artist, designer, photographer, nightclub denizen—graced us with his presence and answered a few questions about what he has been up to, the good ol’ days, and about whom he most admirers today. Word around town has it that Davey is… Read more »

Gabriel J. Shuldiner

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Gabriel J. Shuldiner is a native New Yorker. A fact he happily, proudly proclaims. This very cool and casual artist finds inspiration in numerous sources, none more so than the color black. What ensued was a lively conversation on painting, fashion, music, and life.   Inspiration I feel that I’m constantly inspired by almost everything… Read more »