Lyle Reimer

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You wouldn’t be wrong if you called Lyle Reimer a make-up artist… technically. He is technically a make-up artist. And, yes, he technically works at MAC Cosmetics’ artistry and development program in Vancouver. However, after a cursory perusal of Reimer’s Instagram account, and after learning that he alone styles each and every portrait (these, ladies… Read more »

Mario Méndez

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        I work as a fashion consultant in Mexico, and have taught at various universities over the past 11 years.       Although I have a lot of work, I find time to work on my drawings. I love creative work. If I could, I would   like to make drawing my only job, and I’m working on it.  I was raised by my grandparents…. Read more »

Alina Zamanova

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Alina Zamanova is a London based illustrative artist. Raised in Ukraine, where drawing had always been a childhood passion and over time Alina’s attraction to the fashion industry lead her to enroll into the fashion illustration program at the London College of Fashion. With an endless thirst for classical and experimental ideas, her inspiration comes… Read more »

Peter Popps

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Peter Popps is a self-taught shoe-designer from Amsterdam, Netherlands, whose work is noted for its  extravagant novelties. Popps started his career in fashion working as a sales assistant for a shoe company whilst studying product design and architecture. He had always been interested in experimentation and over the years having collaborated with many shoe companies, which has… Read more »

Gaspard Hex

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Gaspard Hex AW15 Eleusis 1 Photo Baptiste Malbéqui

    Gaspard Hex is an alchemist. As a musician and, indeed, as a creator of fundamentally transformative jewelry, Hex melds, coaxes, sublimates meaning, metal, and stone into statement pieces not seen elsewhere. Lily Gatins spent time with Hex and attended the presentation of his collection. After meeting briefly in Paris their paths crossed once… Read more »

Cunnington & Sanderson

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Cunnington & Sanderson

    The story began whilst studying Fashion Design at the University of Central England. There shared love of draping onto the mannequin was the foundation of their creative spirit. There was never really any discussion about working together, it just naturally happened. After graduating Matthew gained a master’s degree with distinction from the University of Westminster and John gained… Read more »

Rick Bayless

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Rick Bayless—chef, restaurateur, cooking show host—needs no introduction. For the last thirty years he has been introducing American audiences to authentic Mexican cuisine. What many may not know is that his expertise on the subject is rooted in his profound interest and rigorous study of Latin American culture. Bayless completed an undergraduate degree in Latin American… Read more »